Information for Guildford residents & ratepayers

Residents' Information Pack

The Guildford Association has developed an Information Pack for new and existing residents. It is designed to provide relevant community information and inform residents about the unique historic character of the town. We will also provide information on how to access the City of Swan Design Guidelines described below. Contact us using the details on our Contact page for further details.

City of Swan Guildford Conservation Precinct Design Guidelines

Because of Guildford's history the City of Swan has special building guidelines that relate especially to the Guildford Conservation Precinct. Guildford Association worked together with the Shire during the 1990s on the formulation of these Guidelines. They are extremely useful for any resident looking to build, renovate or extend as they provide useful information about the building styles and features appropriate to different era housing within the Guildford precinct.

Please click to open the Design Guidelines from the City of Swan website: Guildford Conservation Precincts - A1 Design Guidelines.pdf
NOTE: You will need to agree to open the PDF document that this link opens, to view it!

Perth Airport Noise Issues

Guildford was established many years before the Perth Airport was sited at Belmont. In the ensuing years the increasing traffic from the main runway at the airport has meant that significant noise contours have grown across the very centre of Guildford town. These noise contours are represented in planning decisions by limiting the types of construction and necessitating Notifications to be placed on Land titles. While it is unrealistic to expect Airport traffic to decrease or the airport to be relocated it is important that the Guildford community be empowered to reduce the effects of noise and pollution from aircraft. The Guildford Association has representation on the Aircraft Noise Management Consultative Committee and our representative would be happy to provide you with detailed information about noise management issues on request. We do recommend that if you experience a high noise aircraft event or fuel dumping you ring 1300 302 240 or 1800 802 584 to register a complaint.

Current Issues

Guildford Tourism Forum findings- released Feb 2017

Read the outcomes, ideas and directions for tourism development in Guildford. The October 2016 forum was hosted by Michelle Roberts, MLA and attended by now Premier, Mark McGowan. The event highlighted the special nature of Guildford and was attended by over 100 people.
Guildford Tourism Forum findings